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TMG ECODESIGN transformers

TMG ECODESIGN transformers

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Ecodesign Transformers

Today, in most countries of Europe and the world, programs and norms of energy efficiency of equipment are intensively implemented in order to preserve ecology and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The experienced team of LLC Ukrelektroaparat is the first in Ukraine, among manufacturers of similar equipment, to join the aspirations of the civilized world to ensure the environmental friendliness of energy-consuming equipment.

We have successfully developed and implemented serial production of Ecodesign series transformers and are already working on the development of the next Ecodesign 2 series.

Our products of the Ecodesign series comply with the EU directive on the definition of requirements for the ecodesign of energy-consuming products.

Transformers of the Ecodesign series are manufactured with improved environmental characteristics and have a number of advantages that fully meet modern equipment requirements.