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Transformers – OMP

Transformers – OMP

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Галерея робіт

Галерея робіт

To convert the electric current, you need special equipment – a single-phase transformer. The device works exclusively in alternating current circuits. The main task is to convert the voltage to the desired indicator, after which it can be used to supply devices, etc.

Device types

The main types of two-winding devices:

  1. power. They convert electricity in networks if you need to get a certain indicator. Devices vary in power. Are established in houses, in commercial and state institutions;
  2. current transformers. They are used to reduce the voltage on the primary winding. It is also possible to use single-phase devices for transmitting a signal or electric current between circuits if there is no contact between them;
  3. voltage transformers. It is used to lower high voltage;
  4. impulse. They are used to transmit an electrical rectangular pulse, convert video pulses.

The type of device is selected depending on the voltage in the network, the required output indicator, and parameters. Also transformers can be oil and dry. The latter are considered safer and are installed in residential buildings, kindergartens, schools, etc.

Scope of application

Single-phase transformers are used:

  • in electric drive control circuits;
  • to lower or increase voltage;
  • in installations for converting current.

Power transformers are capable of operating at temperatures from -45 to +45 degrees Celsius, can be installed indoors or outdoors.

What modes does the device work in?

A single-phase voltage transformer operates in the following modes:

  • short circuit. It turns on automatically with a difference in potential values, and the load is transferred from the secondary winding. Thus, when closing, the energy consumption for increasing the temperature of the winding is calculated;
  • loads. In this mode, the power source is connected to the primary circuit, and the load is applied to the secondary channel;
  • idle move. In this mode, the circuit is open. Required to determine the efficiency of the device.

The mode depends on the operating conditions of the device, the voltage at the supply and at the output.

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