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Completed production KTPBM-2 × 1600/10 / 0,4

Production of the complete transformer substation KTPBM -2 × 1600/10 / 0.4 for the Ukrainian customer has been completed. The substation has successfully passed the test and is ready to go to the place of operation. KTPBM are designed to supply electricity to industrial enterprises. The peculiarity of this substation is its size, because they are really impressive. The substation is 11.6 m long and 5.2 m wide. The housing is made of galvanized steel, which significantly extends the service life and improves the appearance of the substation. Installed interior equipment is made of quality and reliable materials and meets the wishes of the customer.

The substation consists of prefabricated modules and is transported in disassembled form.

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останні новини
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