The regulations came into force on September 13, 2021

Power oil step-down three-phase two-winding general-purpose transformers with a capacity of 25 to 2500 kVA, voltage 6 and 10 kV, inclusive, designed for the needs of the national economy for indoor and outdoor installation with idle and short circuit according to the Technical Regulations small, medium and large power transformers “approved by the Cabinet of Ministers № 152 of 27.02.2019. The technical regulation is based on the Commission Regulation (EU) № 548


TMG 25-2500 power transformers are available with a nominal voltage of the primary winding (high voltage) of 6 kV and 10 kV, including the secondary winding (low voltage) – 0.4 kV. Scheme and group of connections – U / UN -0; D / UN -11. It is possible manufacture of transformers with other voltages and other group of connections. The voltage is regulated without excitation. For this Transformers are equipped with high-voltage switches that are connected to the high voltage winding and allow you to adjust the voltage in steps of 2.5% when disconnected from the mains transformer in the range from -5% to 5%.