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For more than 60 years, the Khmelnytsky Limited Liability Company – Ukrelectroapparat – has been successfully conducting business in the machine building market.

Over the years, the employees have accumulated vast experience in the design and manufacture of transformer equipment, which in combination with a powerful, modern, production and research base, allows you to fulfill orders of any complexity, meeting all customer requirements.

The company is constantly growing production volumes, improving the technical characteristics and design of products, as well as expanding the range. Organized a full technological cycle for the production of electrical products – from metalworking, metal fabrication to ready-to-sell transformers and complete transformer substations with capacity from 10 to 4000 kVA, dry transformers with insulation “Nomex”, reactors for electric locomotives and electric trains, special power transformers prefabricated and unilateral service boards, gas control points of block and cabinet construction.

Ukrelektroaparat LLC cooperates with the world’s leading electrical engineering companies and this allows the company to produce dry transformers of the Geofol modification, which are equipped with windings manufactured by Siemens. Production and sale of dry transformers with capacity from 25 to 2500 kVA per voltage class up to 20 kV with low noise, absolute safety, high reliability and environmental friendliness, allows them to be used directly in cultural and public institutions, sports facilities, residential buildings and business centers.

Modern production base, unique technologies, high technical level of production organization allow to master new types of products, such as: complete transformer substations in concrete shell with capacity from 100 to 1250 kVA, complete transformer substations in block-modular building with capacity from 630 to 2500 kVA, to improve the production of transformers, expanding their range and scope.

The quality and reliability of the transformers and transformer substations manufactured by Ukrelektroaparat LLC were fully appreciated by consumers. The company has implemented the quality assurance system ISO-9001: 2008, which provides an opportunity to create a basis for increasing consumer confidence in the company, to maintain the proper level of quality of products. During its existence, the plant’s products have been exported to 32 countries. These include Vietnam, Mongolia, Ireland, Finland, Germany and many more.

Today Ukrelektroaparat LLC continues to successfully explore new markets in the Middle East and Africa.

Competently developed strategy for further development of Ukrelektroaparat LLC, skillful management of the team, production processes, provide continuous improvement of the financial condition of the enterprise. 85% of the funds advanced to the company’s activities are own funds, which indicates a high level of financial stability of the company, independence from external economic factors, increasing the possibility of intensive development of production, strengthening social protection of workers. The stability of Ukrelektroaparat LLC allows us to look to the future with optimism.

Today in the city of Khmelnytsky Ukrelektroaparat LLC has no branches and subsidiaries that manufacture power transformers, complete transformer substations and other electrical equipment.

Our Works

Transformer production

A transformer is a statistical device that facilitates the transfer of AC energy from one circuit to another through electromagnetic interaction.

Substation production

A part of an electrical power transmission and distribution system in which voltage is stepped up or down using transformers.

Panel equipment production

Panel boards are also designed to protect electrical equipment from external factors.

Transformers Ecodesign

Transformers for renewable energy

Our Team

Maslovsky Sergey Borisovich

Chairman of the Board

Subotin Andrii

Commercial Director

Yakubovsky Victor Borisovich

Technical director

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